Member for Isaacs


Malka Leifer Must Face Justice

23 October 2019

It is long past time that Ms Leifer was extradited to Australia to face justice for her horrific crimes, and for Israel to honour its commitment to the rule of law and to justice.

Media Freedom - Statement to Parliament

22 October 2019

The Morrison Government must stop making excuses and introduce legislation to better protect journalists and whistleblowers.

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Crimes Against Children and Community Protection Measures) Bill 2019

15 October 2019

Sex crimes against children are abhorrent. Children are the most precious and vulnerable members of our community. They require and deserve our protection and support. The debate about this bill should be about one thing and one thing only how best to protect and support children. This should not be a topic for scoring political points.

Suspension of Standing Orders - Member for Chisholm

16 September 2019

There are now very serious questions in the Liberal Party about the Member for Chisholm, and about the Prime Minister's extremely poor judgment in the way he has sought to dismiss these allegations by insisting that there's nothing to see, and then resorting to the race card when even his own party room abandoned him.

Time's Up: Why Australia Needs A National Integrity Commission

11 September 2019

Time's up.

Labor and the Australian public know that our nation needs a national integrity commission.

Time's up for the Morrison Government to get their priorities right, and work with us to make that happen

The Political Challenges of Reform - Summit for Press Freedom

29 August 2019

The first immediate political challenge to reform is to ensure that Scott Morrison and his Government understand that the Fourth Estate is a foundation of all healthy democracies, including ours.

National Association of Community Legal Centres

26 August 2019

Ensuring that all Australians are able to have their legal rights upheld is especially important for families and children under threat of violence, to the victims of financial fraud and other crimes perpetrated against them by banks and other large companies, to Indigenous Australians and communities, to the sick, to the elderly, to rural Australians who don't have easy access to lawyers or to the courts, to our new arrivals, and yes to those accused of serious crimes.

Agricultural Protection Bill 2019

02 August 2019

Labor strongly agrees that farmers and those in other agricultural businesses should not be subject to intimidating and unlawful actions by activists trespassing on their land.

National Integrity Commission - Suspension of Standing Orders

01 August 2019

This government is not serious about integrity or tackling corruption. If they were, they would establish a National Integrity Commission now.

Adjournment Speech - Chisholm

31 July 2019

It should be a matter of great concern to all Australians that the now-Member for Chisholm, the Treasurer of Australia and the Liberal Party sought to mislead Chinese-speaking Australian voters with their shamefully deceitful signs.