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Michaelia Cash Cash Unfit To Be Nation's First Law Officer

29 March 2021

The appointment of Michaelia Cash as Attorney-General is an indictment on the lack of talent, and standards, within Mr Morrison’s Government.

Porter Shows No Respect For [email protected]

24 March 2021

Attorney-General Christian Porter has so little interest in tackling sexual harassment in Australian workplaces that in the year since he received the landmark [email protected] report he did not meet once with either the Sex Discrimination Commissioner or his own department to discuss it

Federal Court Appointments – Coalition Declares “Women Need Not Apply”

24 March 2021

The Morrison Government continues to overlook highly qualified women when it comes to making judicial appointments to the Federal Court Registry in Victoria.

Hopelessly Conflicted Attorney-General Must Stand Aside

23 March 2021

The Prime Minister now has no other option but to stand Christian Porter aside, after Senate Estimates confirmed the Attorney-General’s private defamation action against the ABC has left him hopelessly conflicted. 

Family Court Abolition A Terrible Day For Families

18 February 2021

The Morrison Government’s abolition of a stand-alone Family Court is a terrible decision that will affect the lives of thousands of vulnerable children and families.

Morrison Crushes Debate So He Can Abolish The Family Court

17 February 2021

The Morrison Government has today voted to shut down debate in the Senate so that it can ram through its dangerous and radical proposal to effectively abolish the Family Court of Australia.

Senate Must Save The Family Court

16 February 2021

The fate of thousands of vulnerable children and families will be decided by the Senate today as the Morrison Government proceeds with its radical proposal to effectively abolish the Family Court.

Tell Morrison Australians Won't Cop His Cover Up Commission

12 February 2021

Australians have until 5PM today (AEDT) to tell the Prime Minister and Attorney-General they won’t stand for their weak, secretive and compromised “integrity” commission.

Statement On Julian Assange Extradition Proceedings

05 January 2021

Labor welcomes the decision to give priority to the health and welfare of Julian Assange.

Liberal Party National Security Risks

04 January 2021

Labor calls on the Prime Minister to explain how two members of his own party came to be closely associated with a man deemed a national security risk by ASIO.