Member for Isaacs


Uluru Statement From The Heart - 90 Second Statement

26 May 2021

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is an extraordinary act of generosity, friendship and reconciliation. It is a gift we must accept in that same spirit, for the benefit of all our people

Constituency Statement - JobKeeper

17 March 2021

The Morrison Government intends to strip one million Australians of their only means of employment support, during a pandemic, with no plan for good, secure, well paid jobs to replace it.

No Australian Government should do such a thing.

We expect, and deserve, better, much better than this.

Adjournment Speech - March4Justice

15 March 2021

Today, on the lawns outside this parliament and in demonstrations across our nation, tens of thousands of women and their supporters marched and spoke for justice. They were powerful, they were eloquent, they were courageous and what they said needs to be heard, which is why the decision of the Prime Minister to refuse to come out of hiding and walk the short distance to hear directly from the thousands who came to this place to call for justice tells us so much about what kind of leader he is.

90 Second Statement - Safer Communities Rorts

15 February 2021

Rorts, rorts and more rorts, that's the standard Australians now expect from the Morrison Government, because this is a government whose members are only in it for themselves.

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020 - 2nd Reading

10 December 2020

Labor supports the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Amendment Bill 2020. We welcome the long-overdue repeal of the questioning and detention warrant power, a power which has never been used and which, since 2016, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security and multiple independent national security legislation monitors have repeatedly told the government to repeal.

Chanukah On The Hill 2020

10 December 2020

There's a wonderful richness and variation across the Jewish festivals. And to me Chanukah has always been a particularly uplifting celebration.

Constituency Statement - Isaacs Electorate

09 December 2020

As one of the most difficult years in recent memory draws to a close, I want to pay tribute today to the fantastic community spirit of the people in my electorate of Isaacs.

National Integrity Commission 2nd Anniversary

08 December 2020

This Sunday marks two years since the Prime Minister and his Attorney-General belatedly, grudgingly announced to Australians they would establish a national integrity commission.

Adjournment Speech - The Disgrace That Was Robodebt

01 December 2020

The financial cost of Robodebt, as appalling as it is, pales next to the toll in human suffering this Government callously inflicted on the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Australians who received unlawful Robodebt debt notices. 

Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bill 2019

30 November 2020

Like most of the great social reforms that have occurred in Australia—including Medicare, our world-leading superannuation system, the anti-discrimination law framework and the provision of free legal assistance services to Australians in need—the Family Court of Australia is a proud Labor legacy. Australians are used to the Liberal Party attacking and seeking to undermine these and other great social reforms introduced by Labor governments.