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People always tell me they just want a plan. They want to get on with their lives knowing something is being done about climate change in their best interests.

Moving to clean energy needs to be done properly with everyone's livelihoods in mind.

Having a science-backed and fully costed plan and sticking to it means more jobs, lower emissions, cheaper power and a much stronger economy.

The Albanese Labor Government will tackle climate change the right way with your best interests in mind. We will take action on climate change while you get on with your lives. Unlike the Liberals and Nationals, we don't have science-deniers holding the country back.

We will bring the electricity grid up to scratch because it was designed for a different century. We will invest in new technologies, bring down emissions, deliver cheaper renewable energy and deliver the reliable energy our economy needs for the future.


Tacking action will blend new jobs with traditional industry jobs. Hospitality, plumbers, electricians, maintenance workers, construction, truck drives, health care workers, teachers, doctors, builders, engineers, and the art and tourism industries and so many more will be better off – we will all be better off now, and in the future, including Australia’s magnificent landscape and wildlife.


Almost every advance in climate policy in Australia has been the result of the work of Labor in the face of a deliberate and destructive campaign by Liberal-National Government.

I am firmly committed to taking action on climate change. You can get on with your lives knowing something is being done that works in your best interests.