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I am asking for your vote at the next Federal election so I can get on with the business of tackling climate change.

An elected Labor Government at the next election will be on your side and will simply get on with it. No Ifs and no buts.

The Federal Liberal-National Government have been in government for nine years and has done almost nothing. Nine years of denial.

It's only now that an election is coming that Scott Morrison is quickly trying to fool Australians into believing he and his government care. They don't. If they did, things would be different. They aren't.

An elected Labor Government knows tackling climate change is Australia's next big economic boom. It will drive unmatched job and wealth creation for all Australian's, and unmatched conservation efforts.

Tackling climate change will blend new jobs with traditional industry jobs. Plumbers, electricians, maintenance workers, construction, truck drives, health care workers, teachers, doctors, builders, engineers, and the art and tourism industries and so many more will be better off – we will all be better off now, and in the future, including Australia’s magnificent landscape and wildlife.

I have always been committed to action of climate change

Almost every advance in climate policy in Australia has been the result of the work of Labor in the face of a deliberate and destructive campaign by Liberal-National Government.

I am firmly committed to taking action on climate change. As Cabinet Secretary and Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Labor delivered the Clean Energy Bills - the most comprehensive climate change laws and strategies ever produced in Australia.

When introduced, emissions started coming down. The Liberal Party stripped away these policies and in doing so stopped new jobs from being created and stunted Australia's economic growth.