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End the scandals. I will deliver. It’s time to act.

From now until the election, I'll be taking my fight across the country for a fully independent National Anti-Corruption Commission.

If you are undecided at this federal election, I am asking for your support.

I want to get on with the job of protecting your money from dishonest politicians and governments who are only in it for themselves and who couldn’t care less about you, your soaring costs of living, or the community.

I know you want politicians and governments held to the same standards as everyone else, and so do I. But this can’t happen until we change the government, and I can deliver Australia’s first National Anti-Corruption Commission.

You only need to look at Scott Morrison’s Sports Rorts, Car Park Rorts and JobKeeper waste to see why we need to change the government.

Scott Morrison and his Liberal-National mates used their $100 million sports grants program to go on a vote-buying spree with your money. They wasted millions in Liberal electorates instead of using that money for the benefit of our community.

When caught out, they tried to hide their rorts and waste under mountain of colour-coded spreadsheets then refused to hand over the evidence when the investigations started. They are not on your side. They never have been.

In Government I will lead the fight for you and the community to end this corruption. You deserve better and have the right to expect more.

As Attorney-General, I will be personally responsible for setting up Australia’s first-ever National Anti-Corruption Commission. It will have all the powers it needs to investigate corruption and end the rorts and dodgy backroom deals done by Scott Morrison and his mates. Labor’s National Anti-Corruption Commission will carefully watch over your hard-earned tax dollars.

Together, we can change the government at this election. When that’s done, together, we will deliver Australia’s first-ever National Anti-Corruption Commission. We will fight corruption in your best interests. That is my commitment to you.

Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce aren’t serious about tackling corruption. An elected Labor will act.